Recent report shows cities with best and worst credit scores


According to a recent report by US News and World Report, most people do not know their credit score, or their city’s average for credit scoring. Knowing your score is important if you want to gain the best interest rate for a mortgage, auto loan or credit card. Research shows that a credit score that is excellent is usually based on an area’s general affluence. Therefore, locations with the best credit ratings are also characterized by elevated home values and income levels. However, that being said, the variances between cities exhibiting the best or worst credit scores is surprising.

For example, the average person in the 10 cities researched with the best scores makes about $104,000 per year compared to the person with the worst score who makes about $27,000 annually. The good credit’s group owns a home whose median worth is about $520,000 as well, which is almost 560% more than the bad credit group’s home worth of about $79,000.

Crime is also more prevalent in locations that have lower credit scores. The worst credit cities, according to data, average about 420 violent crimes each year compared to around 138 for the best credit locales.

The five cities with the best credit score ratings include:

  • The Villages, Florida
  • Sun City West, Arizona
  • Saratoga, California
  • Los Altos, California
  • Sun City Center, Florida

The worst ratings were compiled for the following cities:

  • College Park, Georgia
  • Forest Park, Georgia
  • Harvey, Illinois
  • East St. Louis, Illinois
  • Camden, New Jersey

The highest average rating was 779 for the Villages, Florida and the lowest average rating was 565 for Camden, New Jersey.

The findings showed that the average age in cities that had the best credit was 56 years old. The median age for the worst scores was 32 years of age.

There are also seems to be a strong connection between one’s credit rating and obesity. For example, Memphis is one of the five fattest cities in the US and is also in the bottom 10% when it comes to credit ratings. On the other hand, Boston is one of the top 10 slimmest cities in the country and enjoys credit ratings that are higher. In further support of this evidence, people who exercise regularly usually have excellent credit, according to a WalletHub survey representative.


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